• Tumsas pavēlnieka līgava

    Es devos atvaļinājumā un nokļuvu citā pasaulē, zemnīcā, pils intrigu epicentrā. Līgavaiņa māte vēlas no manis atbrīvoties, lai atbrīvotu ceļu bagātai līgavai. Līgavainis nesteidzas mani glābt, bet viņa brālis steidzas. Viņš vēlas, lai es viņam palīdzu noslēgt līgumu ar elfiem, seniem cilvēku ienaidniekiem. Bet vai es izdzīvoju, lai pastāstītu šo stāstu? Un kā es varu nedāvināt viņam savu sirdi?

  • The case of the persistent ghost

    Half-breed Astralia Booti, hiding from the persecution of “academics”, controlling unauthorized magic, forced to play the role of the nephew of “Uncle Sirius”, a relative of Abrasil Vivelli. But in the past the old elf had too many secrets, and Astralia herself could not hope for a quiet life. She will learn a lot before she turns from a young “shadow” and a small servant girl into a tough detective

  • Bad kids

    The Perfect Crime. One fine morning, math teacher Zhang Dongsheng pushes his wealthy relatives off the observation deck of Sanminshan National Park. Everything is calculated to the last detail. The police deemed it an accident.

    Bad kids

  • Playboy Germany – August 2024

    Название: Playboy Germany
    Издательство: Playboy
    Год издания: 2024
    Номер: August
    Формат: PDF
    Страниц: 136
    Размер: 104 Мб
    Язык: немецкий

    Немецкое издание популярного глянцевого журнала для мужчин «Playboy», основанного в 1953 году Хью Хефнером и его коллегами, выросшего в настоящую империю Playboy Enterprises, влияние которой распространяется на все области медиа. Это один из самых знаменитых в мире брендов.

  • Paradise Girls Magazine – May 2024

    Название: Paradise Girls Magazine
    Издательство: House of Paradise
    Год издания: May 2024
    Номер: 34
    Формат: PDF
    Страниц: 54
    Размер: 41 Мб
    Язык: Английский

    Paradise Girls – замечательный развлекательный журнал для мужчин, в котором для читателей позируют самые обаятельные девушки – горячие модели в бикини, будуаре, фитнесе.

  • Zem sievas gultas

    Glāsa Pončikova kategoriski atteicās būt uzticīga sieva. Un Ļipočka Želtuhina negribēja zināt, ka viņas vīrs krāpjas… ar savu labāko draudzeni un kaimiņieni Glāšu. Un viņa dzīvoja svētā naivumā, līdz kādu nakti no zem laulības gultas netika dota balss… pavisam svešam cilvēkam! Atdevīgās Lipočkas dzīvē sākas jauns periods – detektīvs un piedzīvojums. Zem gultas guļ svešs vīrietis, dzimtā vīrs no ikdienas komandējumiem atgriežas apakšbiksēs, un Lipočka dabū darbu kādā aizdomīgā biroja apkopēja un sāk drosmīgi izspiegot …

  • Under the wife’s bed

    Glasha Ponchikova categorically refused to be a faithful wife. And Lipochka Zheltukhina did not want to know that her husband was cheating… with her best friend and neighbor Glasha. And she lived in holy naiveté until one night from under her marital bed did not give a voice … a complete stranger! In the life of the devoted Lipochka begins a new period – detective-adventure. A strange man sleeps under the bed, the native husband returns from daily business trips in his underpants, and Lipochka gets a job in some suspicious office cleaner and begins to boldly spy …

  • Plywood over Paris

    Lelya, a friend of writer Sonya Markhaleva, has had her husband, banker Turyansky, kidnapped and demands an unthinkable ransom. Sonya believes that only she can find him. Visiting Lelya, she, exploring the banker’s safe, found a contract between him and his deputy Pertsev, which stated that in case of natural death of one the other inherits the bank. The kidnapper Pertsev? But then Sonya discovered that Lelin’s husband had collected dirt on everyone he knew, even on her. So there are a lot of people who want him dead. She suspects that the banker is kept in the mansion of the famous magician Korovin. “I would not be Sonka Markhaleva, if I do not bring the criminal to the clean water,” – decides the writer and sneaks into the basement of the house of the wizard …

  • Blooming business

    Sonia Markhaleva, who is ready for any adventures, decided to organize a blossoming business, literally in the sense of the word. An acquaintance offers her to realize a large batch of… geraniums. The search for a buyer leads Sonya to a mysterious house, where she becomes an unwilling witness to a brutal murder. Having miraculously escaped from this hell, Sonya is happy – finally everything is behind her. But it’s not! As it turns out, it’s only flowers… Visiting her acquaintances, to whom she gave geraniums, Sonya finds only cold corpses instead of living people….


  • Cargo 200

    When one by one people die, whose duty is to protect law and order, remember him… When violence and betrayal triumph, remember him… Gleb Siverov, nicknamed Blind Man, knows what to do. Great experience, phenomenal accuracy, cold-bloodedness of one man against a gang of brutal killers in the new novel by Andrei Voronin “Cargo 200”.

    Cargo 200

  • Taste Of Home – June/July 2024

    Taste of Home – June/July 2024
    English | 80 pages | PDF | 49.8 MB
    Taste of Home is an American cooking magazine that focuses mainly on Midwestern cuisine. The magazine publishes countless recipes, as well as tips and advice on different cooking techniques. Taste of Home is known well for the number of recipes that appear on its pages. The magazines staff practices recipe exchange and readers are welcome to send in their own recipes for publication. Published are recipes for each course, from appetizers and soups to main courses like Crown Roast Pork with Apple Cranberry Stuffing. Included are recipes that suit every cooking style and piece of equipment, from the slow cooker to the grill. Many of the recipes featured in Taste of Home are healthy, low in fat, or low in carbs. Also included are recipes from around the world, seasonal and holiday recipes, and recipes for those cooking on a budget.

  • Birds and Blooms – June/July 2024

    Birds & Blooms – June/July 2024
    English | 60 pages | True PDF | 22.1 MB
    Even more of what you love from North America’s #1 bird and garden magazine, celebrating the beauty in your own backyard. Published on the months in between the Birds and Blooms magazine, Extra features vivid photographs, useful tips and expert advice to inform, inspire, and connect enthusiasts who share a passion for backyard birds and gardening.

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